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Home page article were OptixSoft iPhone development services, its team are described.

“An artist is never ahead of his time but most people are far behind theirs.”, – told once composer Edgard Varese. Don’t be one of these people who lose their opportunities every day. We offer you to be at the cutting edge of your time ...

Why do you need us?

We offer our clients a wide range of services for iPhone application development. We care for each of our clients, for long-term ones we provide special beneficial rates. We help to be ahead of the game. 1. We offer you more efficient way to get ...

Our services

OptixSoft iPhone development team provides full-cycle development of iPhone and iPad applications. Moreover we are glad to offer consulting services and any other connected with iPhone and iPad application development. OptixSoft iPhone development ...

About us

OptixSoft is a young prospective company specializing in iPhone and iPad application development. OptixSoft provides consulting services as well. The company is an offshore one, its office is located in Minsk, Belarus. OptixSoft was founded in 2008. ...

The history of iPhone

Steve Jobs can be named as the father of iPhone. After a few failures of a new phone production that will differ from all the others and contain many functions Apple company managed to create a good one. It was named iPhone, however there were some ...

iPhone Advantages Over Other Phones and Communicators.

iPhone has a lot of advantages that put this gadget in the first place in the line of all the phones and communicators in the world. Multi touch screen, multimedia content, ergonomic design, accelerometer are just several of the many best qualities ...

Advantages of using iPhone and its applications for your business

Business world is fast developing, every day it require the most mobile people who can fulfill multitasks. That is why iPhone with its applications is just a must in a business world. It’s very easy to use, has all the application that can help a ...

Why is it beneficial to have your own iPhone application?

With the help of oyur own iPhone application developed for instance by OtipxSoft you will be able to be ahead of all your compaptitors. These applications can either be your business or they can be made to help your business. iPhone application ...

iPhone Applications

iPhone is a great modern gadget that provides a lot of applications, In order for our clients not to get lost in the jungles of them, OptixSoft offers you a brief overview of the most popular ones. We hope that this article will help you to realize ...

Fiat 500C

Fiat 500C Fiat 500C This application was developed as a part of marketing campaign supporting the France market entrance of FIAT 500C. It has such a part: -          Car configurator -          Store locator -          Funny e-card ...
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